General aim of the project

Our project's objective is to actively involve parents into educational process of their children in the form of preparing and conducting different out-of-school activities, e.g. homeschooling, alternative schools, after-school activities, individual learning, etc.

The target groups




The main target group of our project are PARENTS. The project will have the following impact on them:

They will receive the new tools and knowledge concerning new forms of the out-of-school activities for their children.

Through the participation in the pilot training and/or dissemination events they will have a possibility to meet other parents and organize with them the common out-of-school activities for their children.

The second target group of our project are adult TRAINERS from the participating institutions and also from outside. They will receive the innovative material and tools for their work as the trainers.

Finally, our project final beneficiaries are students. They will improve their skills and competencies, as well as self-awareness and empowerment through the participation in the out-of-school activities.